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Complete design and project management services

Energy efficiency, comfort, sustainability and innovation – the key words that describe our projects.

Consulting and customized solutions delivered in a professional manner

We offer complete architecture and design services based on the needs and options of clients, in the fields: residential, commercial and industrial.

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Architectural design

Design, project leadership, construction management and procurement excellence ensure projects are delivered to the highest quality, on time and on budget.

  • Obtaining a town planning certificate

  • Elaboration of documentation for approvals

  • Submitting and obtaining approvals according to the town planning certificate

  • Realization of projects to obtain the construction permit, DTAC for all three mandatory specialties (architecture, resistance, installations).

  • Realization of the resistance project to the P.Th. degree of detailing (technical design), thus ensuring the minimum degree of detailing of the project so that the construction can be executed

  • List of quantities for the structure (iron, concrete) and masonry required for architecture

  • Realization of photorealistic 3D images of the construction

  • We implement BIM technology

  • General furnishing of all spaces

Interior and exterior design

We manage projects from start to finish through a unique and integrated approach, taking full responsibility to ensure an exemplary end result. 

  • surveying the space (unfurnished) according to the dimensions provided by the client

  • assigning the decorative elements in the project (tiles, decorative tiles, parquet, etc.) and listing their suppliers

  • creating furniture bodies according to dimensions, accessories, color, distances

  • making photorealistic simulations (renderings) for a broader vision

  • export of furniture bodies in PDF format with dimensions, accessories and colors for final production

  • technical plans for the execution of furniture

  • technical plans for arranging the furniture in the space

  • arranging the exterior space in harmony with the architecture and appearance of the building

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Consulting services cover a wide range of technical and legal issues and help you make informed decisions when it comes to procurement, works, permits, etc. 

  • Land acquisition consultancy and PUG or PUZ provisions in relation to it

  • Works permitted without a building permit 

  • Permitted works for historical monuments or protected areas

  • Steps to take when the permit has expired, after it has already been extended, but you have not completed the work

  • Getting into legality if you built without a building permit

  • A second opinion, other than that of the architect who will make the project

  • Advice on choosing an apartment, types of blocks (reinforced concrete frames, prefabricated panels, monolithic blocks), advantages and disadvantages and possible interior changes depending on the type of structure

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State-of-the-art technology

We have the latest equipment to provide services at the highest quality standards.

Oculus Rift VR technology

Using VR (Virtual Reality) technology we can provide   the immersive feeling of actually being inside a building. This makes communicating design intent much easier. When clients are unable to understand spatial relationships and scale by looking at a 2D rendering,  VR can create an immersive experience in the same way that physical architecture can.

Leica measuring equipment

With the help of the latest generation measuring devices that we have, we can make the documentation according to the construction, calculate the dimensions of the roof, integrate the data in BIM or CAD, calculating the measurements of any distance between two points in one location.

The range and accuracy of all Leica DISTO devices are verified in accordance with ISO 16331-1. Therefore, you can be sure that the performance of the tool is maintained not only in the test lab, but more importantly, in the daily tasks on the site.

Discover our workflow and design packages

Whatever your construction project, we come to meet you with skills, training, recommendations and solutions for your needs for the next 30 years.


CFLY Faith 2 Drone

We use the drone throughout the design and construction process, from preliminary site analysis, to tracking construction accuracy and progress, and to documenting a completed project. 

Basically, we have the possibility to generate photographic viewpoints and develop the projects from certain angles,   thereby monitoring the progress on site through images and video clips.

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