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3D capture services

3D capture is the technique by which digital replicas - immersive 3D models - of physical goods are made. 

Through these services we support companies of any size, such as real estate agencies, malls, hotels, guesthouses, interior designers, developers, etc.

We turn any space into an accurate and immersive digital replica that can be used to design, build, manage, promote and understand any space.

From simple residential spaces to large and complex commercial spaces, we help you translate your space into the digital environment in detailed 3D form with exceptional dimensional accuracy and stunning image quality.

Demo Showroom Tor Luxury

15% increase
of sales

by motivating more customers to visit your property.

50% discount
of travel costs

by eliminating the need for site visits.

30% increase in project completion speed

by reducing project completion time when teams can access a property anytime, anywhere.

Why 3D capture?

While high-resolution photos can give you a static image of an object, digital replicas capture the complexity of a system. They use artificial intelligence to provide a dynamic, life-like impression of physical elements.

A diverse range of companies are already harnessing the power of digital replica technology to access information, improve decision-making and create better customer experiences. 

The advantages of 3D capture

  • Customers spend more time browsing your site

  • Reducing marketing costs

  • Reducing travel times and costs to locations

  • More informed and creative design choices

  • Improving the customer experience

  • Improved communication between owners and contractors

  • Detailed property appraisals

  • Easily make virtual visits for educational purposes

  • More online engagement from users

  • Decisions made in a shorter time

  • Faster renovation and rental procedures

  • Quick and knowledgeable customer feedback

  • Speeding up the sales process

Areas of applicability

  • Medical

  • real

  • Retail

  • hospitality

  • Residential

  • insurance

  • Architecture

  • Interior design

  • construction

  • Public Administration

  • Education

  • etc.

Arch Revo Solution 3D capture projects

See some of our projects and convince yourself that our 3D scanning services will only bring you advantages. 

3D+ capture services

Don't have a website yet? No problem! 

For customers who opt for our 3D capture services but do not have a website or their website is not up-to-date, we offer complete website creation, website management and social media marketing services.

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