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Medical projects

We offer design in the medical field. We can help you differentiate yourself from the competition by creating optimal welcoming spaces and epidemiological flows and circuits compliant with current legislation. We offer you studied and deliberate proposals when we design everything from the exterior of the building to the furniture and decorations inside.


Epidemiological circuits

In the case of epidemiological circuits, there are three possible situations in which they are established: 

  1. At the conceptualization phase - epidemiological circuits are established within the conceptualization process

  2. In case of introducing a new specialization or changing the structure of an existing hospital or changing the structure - the legislation requires that all epidemiological circuits and flows be reconfigured

  3. In the case of plans made in advance, we offer a second opinion, check the epidemiological circuits on a given board or propose new solutions.


Conceptualization of medical structures  

The first and most important stage, before the design stage, is the conceptualization stage. Specifically, it involves taking the initial information from the customer and determining the possibilities according to the legislation and other important technical details. 

For example, when the client wants to build a hospital or a medical center, during the conceptualization phase, we will establish the number of offices and the configuration of the available spaces, taking into account both the client's requirements and the technical and legal parameters.


Opportunity analysis of medical structures based on indicators 

Opportunity analysis based on indicators is the study that shows whether what the client is asking for matches the medical marketing area in the area he is targeting. 

For example, if our client requests a cardiology clinic in a certain city, the opportunity analysis determines whether there are enough patients for this specialization in that area, what number of beds will be optimal, etc.


Flow design and analysis

Realization of the board with spaces and epidemiological circuits, plus the complete description of flows and circuits. 


Audit in the specialty of epidemiology

We carry out the analysis and audit of projects under construction or execution. We evaluate all details, from epidemiology, waste and circuits, to proposed solutions and blackboard critique.


Turnkey medical structure projects

Realization of the complete project, ready for implementation. It involves going through all the necessary steps, from conceptualization and opportunity analysis to the realization of epidemiological flows and circuits.


3D capture

With the help of the digital replica made by 3D capture technology, a modern clinic can offer future patients the possibility of a virtual tour of the building. They can form a clear impression of the quality of the facilities and services provided and familiarize themselves with the interior space before physically stepping into the premises.

Benefits: a much better presentation, a wide experience, more confidence offered to patients. 

Learn more about our 3D capture serviceshere.

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