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Complete architecture and design services

We assist you every step of the way to make your dream project a reality through consulting and customized solutions delivered in a professional, transparent and practical way.

We support you through all the procedures, we save you the hassle of queues at public offices and we help you make the best decisions to reduce implementation costs and invest intelligently.


The service includes: architecture, resistance, installations, obtaining the Construction Authorization (DTAC), technical designs and execution details required in the site (PTh+DE).


Consulting services cover a wide range of technical and legal issues, from land acquisition, to works without a building permit, protected areas and more.


We deliver and execute custom concepts

of interior design, as well as services for arranging the external space in harmony

with the architecture and appearance of the building.

Creative and innovative solutions for space planning

Each of our projects benefits from a unique approach by involving a multidisciplinary team of experts and collaborators trained to find the right balance between creativity and technical expertise.

What customers say about us

Daniel Florentin Negrea

I recommend Arch Revo Solution! Professionalism. Vision. Involvement.

Maria Iulia

Our house turned out exactly as we imagined!  Thank you Arch Revo Solution!

Anghelescu Bogdan

I highly recommend this office! Seriousness and passion for architecture are part of the assets of the architect  Andrei Popa!

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