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Passive house  or energy efficient

Today, more than ever, home energy efficiency is a priority. Nwe offer you modern and economic solutions. We have the necessary experience and collaborate with reliable partners. 


Minimum consumption

From an energy point of view, the efficient house is the home that consumes as little energy as possible for lighting, heating and cooling.


Energy efficiency does not only involve insulating the home, but also a heating system based on renewable energy, as well as a ventilation system to extract stale air and filter it, without losing heat in the process.


Energy efficient houses have a low energy balance. The energy balance of the house represents the energy consumed so that the inhabitants of the house have high thermal comfort and superior air quality.

Our outer tire solution

ICF is an innovative technology that offers services from A to Z for the design and construction of your energy efficient or passive house.


All the envelope elements of a house, i.e. the walls, the foundation floor and the roof floor, built with the ICF technology offered by Izodom Romania, join together to create a continuous layer of harmonious thermal insulation. This allows avoiding thermal bridges, i.e. places where it is possible for cold and moisture to enter the house.


The heat is encapsulated and stored inside the building. The main advantage of the technology is the building's low energy consumption; can be reduced by even 80% compared to conventional technologies. The thicker the insulation layer, the lower the cost incurred for heat accumulation. Thus, the house is very well thermally, hydrologically and acoustically insulated with low energy consumption and ensures a comfortable climate both in summer and winter while providing a healthy environment inside the home.



The outer shell is made using 10, 20 or even 30 cm of EPS or NEOPOR polystyrene, an ideal solution for creating energy efficient or even passive buildings.


Tested at European level and of the best quality, so as to ensure a healthy climate in your home.


Constructions made on the basis of ICF technology are much more durable due to the layout of its elements, as well as the way of joining.

Our solution for heating, cooling and ventilation systems

Energy efficiency, comfort, sustainability and innovation – the key words that describe our projects.


Along with the ever-increasing demand for passive house constructions, our team has developed an increasingly varied range of solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation systems with heat recovery that have specific applicability to this type of construction.


Whatever the building project, we meet you with expertise, training, recommendations and solutions for your heating, cooling and ventilation needs for the next 30 years.

Our solution for windows and doors

The state-of-the-art technologies used and the quality of the PVC and aluminum products made are just two of our strengths.


Experience has taught us that a quality product is more than just a material. In order to achieve maximum performance, windows must be seen as a technological ensemble, from carpentry, hardware and to assembly, every detail is essential. That is why our solution in terms of glazed spaces is the use of PVC and aluminum products offered by Barrier and Velux due to its superior thermal and sound insulation performance, as well as their possibility of integration into a smart home.


Each of our projects benefits from a unique approach by involving a multidisciplinary team of experts and collaborators trained to find the right balance between creativity and technical expertise. When designing your dream home we emphasize functionality, innovation and aesthetic function. Thus, the final result is not a simple expense but a long-term investment. An investment in your quality of life and well-being.

The future belongs to energy efficient constructions!

We help you realize the house of your dreams!

Partners and collaborators

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