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We provide our clients with solutions to most effectively support their business needs through consulting, design and related services of the highest quality. We emphasize diversity, constant communication and encourage the free exchange of ideas. 

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Each of our projects benefits from a unique approach,   by involving a multidisciplinary team of experts and collaborators trained to deliver flawless results.

Pension Odvos

Pension concept

County - Arad, Village Odvoș

Built area: 600.00 sq m

Floor area: 1200.00 sq m

Details about the project:

The concept started from the desire to bring back to life an abandoned mansion, from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in Secession style. Thus, in addition to rehabilitating the mansion and changing its function from a home to a restaurant, it was also desired to create accommodation spaces, like a boarding house. Revitalizing the whole complex, with the former chapel and the former stables, the concept wants to bring back to life this area, the new - modern and the old, not eclipsed, highlighted, in all its beauty. The guesthouse has multiple accommodation spaces, both single and matrimonial, supervised underground and above-ground parking, a restaurant within the guesthouse, a restaurant within the mansion and a gym and other activities (former stable). The chapel, being also rehabilitated and restored, has the role of hosting religious events.

Commercial space

Commercial space

County - Arad, Village Cintei

Built area: 90.00 sq m

Unfolded area: 90.00 sq m

Concept details:

Premium grocery store concept
Furnishing style – Modern with industrial style influences
Materials used – Washable, wood and metal panels, artificial plants, apparent concrete.

Did you know that most buyers decide to purchase a product based on emotions? An extremely important aspect of the concept is the strategic use of space to influence the customer experience. The way consumers react to the merchandise displayed on the shelves and the way they feel inside the store, affects their buying behavior and implicitly sales. An attractive window will attract the attention of passers-by, and good presentation and stocking will make the shopping experience an extremely pleasant one.



County - Arad, City of Arad

Built area: 98.00 sq m

Floor area: 181.00 sq m

Details about the project:

At the request of the beneficiaries, a new dental office was proposed. Thus, the existing construction underwent structural interventions to change the compartmentalization. A reception area with a reception, a sanitary group for patients, a patient waiting area and two offices on the ground floor were created. The floor level was proposed in its entirety, following the opening of the existing cladding. In this way, two offices and a waiting room were created, which creates a state of peace for you by creating a large skylight on the floor above, which provides natural lighting of the space during the day. Modern accents have been brought to this concept, by integrating finishing elements, wood, metal and structured plaster. The cut-out light fixture, illuminated in the soffit by a low-intensity LED strip, offers elegance through its simplicity.  

Our services

We offer complete needs-based design and project management solutions
and customer options, in the fields of: residential, commercial and industrial.


The service includes: architecture, resistance, installations, obtaining the Construction Authorization (DTAC), technical designs and execution details required in the site (PTh+DE).


We deliver and execute custom concepts

of interior design, as well as services for arranging the external space in harmony

with the architecture and appearance of the building.


Consulting services cover a wide range of technical and legal issues, from land acquisition, to works without a building permit, protected areas and more.

Car wash

Self-service car wash – 7 stations

County - Arad, City of Arad

Built area: 370.00 sq m

Floor area: 370.00 sq m

Details about the project:

It was desired to build a self-service car wash with seven

wash stations (2 truck stations, with ramp, 2 van stations and 3 small car wash stations.)

On the site there is another building with the function of commercial space - office type, where the technical room will be located. The location is located on the western belt of the Municipality of Arad, a heavily trafficked road, in the immediate vicinity of a gas station and industrial park.