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County - Arad, City of Arad

Built area: 98.00 sq m

Floor area: 181.00 sq m

Details about the project:

At the request of the beneficiaries, a new dental office was proposed. Thus, the existing construction underwent structural interventions to change the compartmentalization. A reception area with a reception, a sanitary group for patients, a patient waiting area and two offices on the ground floor were created. The floor level was proposed in its entirety, following the opening of the existing cladding. In this way, two offices and a waiting room were created, which creates a state of peace for you by creating a large skylight on the floor above, which provides natural lighting of the space during the day. Modern accents have been brought to this concept, by integrating finishing elements, wood, metal and structured plaster. The cut-out light fixture, illuminated in the soffit by a low-intensity LED strip, offers elegance through its simplicity.  

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