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Pension concept

County - Arad, Village Odvoș

Built area: 600.00 sq m

Floor area: 1200.00 sq m

Details about the project:

The concept started from the desire to bring back to life an abandoned mansion, from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in Secession style. Thus, in addition to rehabilitating the mansion and changing its function from a home to a restaurant, it was also desired to create accommodation spaces, like a boarding house. Revitalizing the whole complex, with the former chapel and the former stables, the concept wants to bring back to life this area, the new - modern and the old, not eclipsed, highlighted, in all its beauty. The guesthouse has multiple accommodation spaces, both single and matrimonial, supervised underground and above-ground parking, a restaurant within the guesthouse, a restaurant within the mansion and a gym and other activities (former stable). The chapel, being also rehabilitated and restored, has the role of hosting religious events.

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