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Partners and collaborators

In order to turn your dream into reality, we continuously follow market developments and options regarding materials, execution technologies and implementation methods.

The highest quality standards

With the help of our partners and collaborators, we will always come up with the most efficient and qualitative solutions for your needs.


Barrier Lugoj

PVC and heat-insulating aluminum carpentry to high standards

The wishes and ambitions of the Barrier team do not stop only at creating the best PVC and aluminum products, but also at offering impeccable PVC carpentry services. Barrier is where creativity, sophistication and quality come together to create the best products and services so you can enjoy the home of your dreams.


Izodom Romania

Passive houses

Izodom Romania imports construction elements made using ICF technology.

An Izodom passive house is very well thermally and soundproofed with low energy consumption and ensures a comfortable climate both in summer and in winter while providing a healthy environment inside the home.



Heat pumps from Sweden

For over 70 years, NIBE has been developing and producing intelligent, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for all types of construction. The wide range of products offers cooling, heating, ventilation and hot water options to create a perfect indoor climate with minimal impact on nature.



Innovative heating and air conditioning equipment

Sabiana is an Italian company that conceives, designs and manufactures air conditioners for spaces where people work and live. The company builds  equipment and systems that heat and cool any type of space: factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and homes, always relying on the most natural element in existence: water.



Houses on wooden structure

Holzhauser is a company specialized in the manufacture and construction of quality wooden frame houses. A concept that was born and perfected from the experience of over 11 years of construction. The entire system of walls, insulation and joints is certified and time-proven reliability at a low cost.

What customers say about us

Our customer is at the center of all our concerns. We enjoy taking on any challenge and delivering service to quality standards that exceed expectations.

Discover our workflow and design packages

Whatever your construction project, we come to meet you with skills, training, recommendations and solutions for your needs for the next 30 years.


Gerasim Flavius

Professionalism and diversity of projects and solutions. I recommend!

Agnes Fiona

Create things with passion and seriousness, just the way we wanted. Thank you, Mr. Andrei Popa!

Maria Iulia

Our house came out just right

Howwe imagined!

Thank you Arch Revo Solution!

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